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china Vibrating feeder bowls
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About Aluminum vibratory feeder bowls

   Aluminum vibratory feeder bowls made with CNC machining method are quite different from traditional stainless steel vibratory feeder bowls. The feeding track of aluminum feeder bowls is manufactured by CNC machinery, It can reach higher precision and meet the requirements of precise automatic feeding with components which have small sizes and shapes discrepancy between different directions. Its manufacturing process can make sure the dimensions and quality of every bowl are the same, unlike stainless steel feeder bowls which rely on fabricators’ handwork and may have inconsistent quality and unstable feeding. The abradability of aluminium alloy surface through hardening treatment is higher than that of stainless steel with longer service life. The noise of aluminum vibrating bowl feeders’ operation is much lower than that of stainless steel bowl feeders. As for mass production, the cost of aluminum feeder bowls is also lower than stainless steel feeder bowls because of processing mechanization. Combining with optical, electrical sensors and image analysis technologies, adopting aluminum vibratory bowl feeders are able to accomplish so much automatic feeding of small, ultra thin components or components of higher accuracy requirement, which can not be realized by stainless steel feeder bowls.