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Why aluminum vibratory feeder bowl is generally called precise vibratory feeder bowl

   Vibratory feeder bowls is usually divided into two types. One is made from stainless steel through curving, welding, polishing, trimming, etc. The other is made from aluminium alloy through machining method. Vibratory feeder bowls made from aluminium alloy can not be too big because of restrictions on material and processing cost. In most cases, its diameter is less than 300mm, its feeding track is made with CNC processing method so its dimension precision is far more accurate than handmade stainless bowls. Aluminum vibrating feeder bowls are especially suitable for automatic feeding of tiny components (the smallest can be 0.5mm), ultrathin components (the thickness is just 0.1mm), and components with small size or shape difference (the difference is only 0.15-0.2mm).

    Aluminum vibratory feeder bowl has characteristics such as small size, high machining precision, suitable for feeding of precise small components, so it is generally called precise vibratory feeder bowl.